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Chuti Kale Api Wasse Nanakota

Chuti Kale Api Wasse Nanakota

The renowned Sri Lankan superstar Arjumann de Sarem is back with a captivating new song titled “Chuti Kale Api Wasse Nanakota.” Arjumann, whose career has spanned decades and whose voice has won the hearts of millions, is still a major player in the Sri Lankan music scene. His unrivaled abilities as a singer, composer, and record producer are on full display in this most recent release, further solidifying his position as a true icon in the music industry.

The masterpiece “Chuti Kale Api Wasse Nanakota” masterfully combines traditional musical components from Sri Lanka with cutting-edge production methods. The song’s title, “We Once Lived in a Small Village,” invokes feelings of nostalgia and a desire for more carefree days. The song is led by the soulful voice of Arjumann, who narrates a tale of love, harmony, and the beauty of country life.


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