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Limpopo Poison – Poison Mp3 Download

Limpopo Poison – Poison Mp3 Download

Dive into the infectious rhythms of South African Amapiano with the latest electrifying release, “Poison,” by the esteemed hitmaker, Limpopo Poison. With a musical journey that has spanned years, Limpopo Poison has solidified his position as a powerhouse in the Amapiano genre, captivating audiences with his innovative fusions of traditional South African sounds and modern electronic beats. “Poison” stands as a testament to his mastery, a track that seamlessly blends the intoxicating Amapiano grooves with the unmistakable talents of Benny Mayengani, Dr. Joe Shirimani, and Prince.

As Limpopo Poison releases “Poison,” his musical odyssey comes full circle, merging his seasoned artistry with the fresh perspectives of his collaborators. The track is an embodiment of the shared love for music that transcends boundaries and unites cultures, making it an essential addition to every Amapiano enthusiast’s playlist. This is a song you would definitely enjoy listening to. Download, listen, and enjoy.


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