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Macky 2 Ft. F Jay – Olijaba Mp3 Download

Macky 2 Ft. F Jay – Olijaba Mp3 Download

Macky 2, the founder and CEO of Alpha Entertainments and Olijaba Entertainment, an Iconic Zambian Hip-Hop pioneer and multi-talented musician also known as King Buga, has just released his latest body of work themed “Olijaba,” which means “Original.” Olijaba is Macky 2’s sixth studio album, which puts him among Zambian rappers with the most albums. The theme behind his album was to be authentic, present the art that was founded by Zambian Music Legends, preach the culture that we grew up with, and spread the love that we were taught. The album contains 12 tracks that are well delivered and have some cool collaborations. The featured artist list includes F Jay, Izreal, Chef 187, Towela Kaira, Harmonize, Yo Maps, Slap Dee, Wezi, and South African rapper AKA (now deceased).

Macky 2 is well recognized for writing good music with rich lyrical substance and lyrical maturity. On his latest release – “Olijaba”, he hired the services of Zambia’s sensation, – F Jay. The two talented artists have mingled on several projects, and their collaborations bring nothing but pure art that continues to captivate the interest of their fans and music lovers. The record “Olijaba” was impressively recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Mag44. 

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Lyrics Intro ft. Fjay – Macky2 …HOOK [F JAY] kuwa fuma nkutali kunpambana na kwau luta kuwa fuma nkutali kunpambana na kwau luta nga nkale Nima ndeke Nima lupili uka kwele usaka ibale nga nkale Nima ndeke Nima lupili uka kwele usaka ibale kwewa fuma Osaka ibale osaka ibale iwe kweuna chokela ndiwe Olijaba unkale Olijaba ndiwe Olijaba iwe!!!!!! Osaka ibale osaka ibale iwe [VERSE 1] Mau ya amai mu mutu siyama choka ati mwana wanga please usa ibale kwewa choka ni Chalo chama soka mwazula chabe njoka osa gulisa moyo ugulemo ma motoka remember who you are wemwana wamfumu uwaku …… kubu chushi ne mpumo uwa ….wiba notulo kula legacy labako fyamu fedulo the whole culture on my back I can’t give up now am chosen by the Messiah I see that now so I run like a slave though ati ubuntungwa teine uwalola kwalola umwela ulu kankungwa am not alone I stand on PK Chishala’s shoulders […….] all that came before us that’s the foundation everything he taught us when its time we pass it down to our sons and daughters bana Batu sitiza nkala ma beggers mu Chalo chatu ni ntau yo vula Manso ni vula matu ni ntau yo gwilizana tichinje vintu umfwa original olo ntile Olijaba nshaka chinje ifi fine efyo naba it’s ok nolo chuma kuti chaba nga twalanda batila fye ati chamba but when you know yourself suzaka jama and if there’s no enemy deep within you aba Bambi aba they can never harm you Olijaba the album lemme arm you

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