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Maverick City Music – Firm Foundation (He’s Gonna Make A Way) Mp3 Download

Maverick City Music – Firm Foundation (He’s Gonna Make A Way) Ft. Bobbi Storm & Wande

Maverick City Music, the renowned American contemporary worship music collective, is back with their latest soul-stirring release, “Firm Foundation.” This exceptional song features the captivating vocal talents of Bobbi Storm and Wande, adding a unique and powerful dynamic to Maverick City’s signature sound. “Firm Foundation” is a hymn for the modern age, combining traditional Christian values with a fresh, contemporary twist that’s bound to resonate with listeners from all walks of life.

In “Firm Foundation,” Maverick City Music continues to showcase their incredible ability to blend genres and bridge generational gaps in worship music. The song’s lyrics are a heartfelt declaration of faith and trust in God’s unwavering love and presence. With soaring harmonies and emotive melodies, Maverick City Music, Bobbi Storm, and Wande create an atmosphere of worship that is both deeply spiritual and profoundly moving.


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