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Stevo – Situation Part 9 Mp3 Download

Stevo – Situation Part 9 Mp3 Download

A Guru Nation Film Fuse collaborates with M. Beats Generation Music to introduce the continuation of Zambia’s most well known Rap spin-offs, specifically Situation,” done by Zambia’s gifted rapper and lyricist Stevo Rap Guru. The telling of a story based on actual events is the most important aspect of hip-hop. We always want to hear a good story, no matter how much we enjoy rhymes, punchlines, and metaphors.

With his Rap sequences, Stevo created a fictional world in people’s minds, and many loved it. The Situation Series had a lot of replay value; it resembled watching your #1 Telenovela, and you were unable to sit tight for the following episode. which is called Unadulterated Imagination. His narrating was right on track; It became so beloved by everyone. It had four parts, and when it was over, the audience was unhappy because they wanted more.

Last but not least, the series continues where it left off; pay attention to section 9, It was delivered by DJ Mzenga Man and blended and dominated by The Mix Machine. Tune in, download, and appreciate.

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