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Chanda Na Kay – Sinjonjo Mp3 Download

Chanda Na Kay – Sinjonjo Mp3 Download

Chanda Na Kay, the Copperbelt province’s most well-known rap duo, have released their debut studio album, “Zambia Izavina,” with great success. They are most well-known for their slogan, “Bafika Aba Nyolinyoli.” Chanda Na Kay were the first Zambian musicians to break onto the music scene during a quarantine. With the help of the Internet, their music went viral. “Zambia Izavina” is a body of work that consists of 14 well-delivering bangers and suited features. Their stardom did not appear to be something that would stand the test of time considering the fact that their style was related to 408 Empire and then happening duo Dope Boys. However, surprisingly, they have managed to maintain their stance in the music industry, have built a strong fan base, and signed to Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd. Kunda Kinda, James Sakala, Peace Preachers, Chef 187, Abel Chungu, Majoos, Roki, 408 Empire (Y Celeb & Ray Dee), and Yo Maps are among the artists on the album. Massive, their labelmate, produced all of the songs.

Take a listen to the seventh track, “Sinjonjo.” Massive On This, a talented music producer, produced the song. Through his abilities on the boards, he has contributed to the creation of a distinctive and captivating sound. You would undoubtedly enjoy listening to this song. Download, listen, and enjoy.

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